SOLD – Extension Ladder 2 x 15 Tread – USED

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Extension Ladder 2 x 15 Tread – USED

  • 8.5 Meters
  • Loads up to 150 kg
  • Aluminium extension ladder, 2-section
  • 2-section aluminium extending ladder. Height can be adjusted rung by rung.
  • This extension ladder really gets you high: the extended height of the 2 section is 8.5m with 1 tread overlap
  • You can also make two ladders out of this one. Useful if you get unexpected help while working round the house, and particularly when it comes to transport.
  • High Safety! – Practical locking system for both parts with anti-slip mechanism, can be operated from one side, automatically engages after adjustment
  • Sturdy guide parts
  • 2 sturdy, wide locking hooks
  • Full surface contact feet with non-slip surface
  • Rail surface textured to provide comfortable grip

Cost €290.  Sell €140


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