SOLD-Seated Leg Extension and Curl – Almost New


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SOLD – Seated Leg Extension and Curl – Almost New

The Leg Extension / Seated Leg Curl  is historically considered the cornerstone of leg strength evaluation equipment.  This machine easily adjusts to fit nearly any user and measures force output concentrically and eccentrically throughout the entire range of motion generating a unique strength curve for every individual.

The tibia pad rotates 180 degrees to increase comfort and emphasize full contraction or full extension.

Commercial strength equipment historically has difficulty combining space efficiency with good biomechanics.  This dual movement machine provides an avenue to test and train single leg strength or both legs in opposing movements providing critical data in a space and time efficient manor.

IMPORTANT: This equipment needs to be disassembled and collected by the buyer. We recommend you have a professional to disassemble, transport and reassemble this equipment.

This is a Commercial piece of Gym Equipment.

Dimensions: W100 x H140 x D120

This Equipment New was €2700.00



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