SOLD-Seated Leg Press Machine – Almost New


Almost New – Seldom Used

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SOLD – Seated Leg Press Machine – Almost New

Commercial Quality

Low profile stance, small foot print, combined with multiple choices of combination, single station machines. Natural movement and maximum muscle range of motion. Meticulously designed hand grips and foot platform, are angled to keep joints in a neutral position, reducing joint stress and maximizing a safe workout experience. Clear, simple and concise user instruction plaques. Integrated 5kg increment plate allows for gradual increase of resistance for the workout and leads to quicker strength gains.

    • Extended range of adjustments on seat carriage accommodates various sized users
    • Step thru design provides easy entry and exit
    • Dimensions: 140cm W x 270cm L x 195cm H
    • Weight Stack: 200Kg

IMPORTANT: This equipment needs to be disassembled and collected by the buyer. We recommend you have a professional to disassemble, transport and reassemble this equipment.

This is a Commercial piece of Gym Equipment

Price New €2800.00


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